About US Micro

US Micro started in 1986 and rapidly became the largest PC manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest. Our primary focus has been to build the best performing, highest quality computers, while providing the highest level of customer support.

Our systems are built only using top-quality components from the highest quality manufacturers in the industry. We understand the level of importance in maintaining hardware consistency. Knowing what hardware to expect within your workstations and servers helps your IT Department run as efficient as possible.

Our US Micro team is made up of professionals who have over 25 years of hands-on experience in the sale, manufacture and customer support of computer hardware solutions. This wealth of experience is fortified by years of relationships with our customers and technology partners. Combining our knowledge and ability with other professionals, we believe that we can successfully meet any challenge that comes our collective way. Many of our customers view US Micro as their trusted technology advisor. Whether you need a single workstation or a complex server solution, we will work with you to successfully meet your needs.